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LGBT And Single Parents

LGBT And Single Parents

Supportive Environment

At The Stork’s Nest we celebrate diversity. That, combined with our insatiable quest for satisfying clients, results in an ideal setting for celebrating and appreciating your diversity. We pride ourselves on offering a supportive environment for individual and LGBT surrogacy and parenting. Our fertility clinic referrals are held to the same high standard as the agency in regards to embracing diversity. Our gestational surrogates are top-quality candidates and have been fully screened through interviews, as well as medical and psychological screening so that they are readily available to be matched with our intended parents, including LGBT and single parents.

Surrogacy for LGBT and Single Parents

Surrogacy for LGBT and single individuals may involve a single male or female who have a desire to become parents but may not have the resources for achieving this dream without the help of an egg donor, sperm donor, and/or gestational surrogate. Surrogacy and egg donation have become a more convenient parenting option for LGBT and single intended parents. Adoption is often considered but is quickly found to be difficult for gay or single parents and is a less viable option in pursuing parenthood. Assisted reproduction allows LGBT and single intended parents to have a biological child and be recognized as a legal parent (in most states).  Indiana surrogacy law allows for a biological father to be placed on the birth certificate as the legal father at birth, and also allows for a same-sex partner to adopt the child, removing the name of the gestational surrogate, and the same-sex partner's name will be placed on the birth certificate as well. As a gay male couple, whether legally married or partnered, you can create and build your family together. The process of third-party assisted reproduction can be daunting when navigated alone. Thankfully, The Stork's Nest can help provide experience and knowledge to help achieve your dream of becoming a parent through surrogacy. We will guide you through this process by answering questions and offering support in order to eliminate unnecessary stress. Our ultimate goal is to allow you to focus on these joyful events as they are happening.

We believe that every individual should be entitled to equal rights, especially when building families. Sexual orientation, marital status, and gender identity should not create a barrier to your dreams of having a child. Every family has different needs and The Stork's Nest will take the time to understand your unique situation and individual desires. We break through those barriers, making your dreams become a reality. We strive to make your journey to parenthood one that will be easy, joyous, and cherished for a lifetime. Our compassionate team is eager to help you achieve your goal of becoming a parent.