Delivering Family Dreams

Our Story

Our Story

The Journey to Parenthood

Building families is our passion. The Stork’s Nest is Indiana’s first agency that focuses exclusively on gestational surrogacy, offering services to heterosexual parents, single parents, and LGBT parents from all over the world. Our mission is to build strong, successful families through our detailed screening process of the intended parents and gestational surrogate to ensure the long-term well-being of all individuals involved in the process, including the future child(ren).

The Stork’s Nest stands out among other surrogacy agencies because we take our screening process very seriously and conduct ALL medical and psychological screening prior to ever meeting or matching intended parents with gestational surrogates. We also provide a boutique agency feel and are physically present throughout the journey so you know that you are supported.

We conduct an intensive screening of our intended parents and the most qualified gestational surrogates to ensure that all parties share the same ideals and dedication resulting in each individual having a satisfying experience. All medical and psychological screening is completed prior to matching gestational surrogates with intended parents. This allows the gestational surrogate and intended parents to create a bonding relationship immediately without worry that it will fail later in the process due to the inability to pass medical and/or psychological screening. That can be emotionally devastating and we aim to avoid that for our intended parents and gestational surrogates. By providing our intended parents and gestational surrogates our undivided attention, professionalism, and knowledge we are able to guide them through the complex process with the greatest opportunity for a successful journey.

Our goal is to make the gestational surrogate and intended parents feel at home by using a personal approach and supportive environment when going through the journey. We aim to ensure that each party is satisfied with the services they receive. We also hold our affiliated fertility clinics, mental health professionals, and legal professionals to the same high standards as the agency.

Our staff has backgrounds ranging from medical, legal, client advocacy, business, and ethics. This diversity allows us to fully understand the multiple facets of assisted reproductive technology and better serve your needs.

How We Help You Build Your Family or Give To Another Family

The Stork’s Nest offers individuals and couples an opportunity to connect with a gestational surrogate who is desirous of assisting individuals or couples achieve their dreams of becoming a parent. Each gestational surrogate and intended parent is thoroughly screened so that we offer the highest quality pool of candidates. The journey to parenthood through surrogacy can be unknown and intimidating to many couples that are already exhausted from (usually) many failed attempts at achieving pregnancy. This process is especially intimidating to some parents due to the fact that they are required to relinquish some control and trust someone else to carry their child that is oftentimes a stranger. The Stork’s Nest guides the gestational surrogate and intended parents through this daunting process because there are many important criteria and steps necessary to achieve a successful surrogacy that could otherwise be missed without the help of our agency.