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Fees & Expenses

The Stork's Nest believes that transparency is the most important aspect in regards to a third-party reproduction journey and feel that intended parents should be as mentally and financially prepared as possible. Although there are many moving puzzle pieces in a surrogacy journey depending on your unique situation, we have attempted to give you the most inclusive and realistic expectation of the costs that you could incur when using a gestational surrogate. The fees and compensation listed below are relatively standard rates in the world of surrogacy, many of which you would pay regardless if you choose our agency, another agency, or do an independent journey.

*Gestational Surrogacy Program

 Agency Fees $18,000 
First Installment (Due Upon Signing Agency Agreement)$5,000
Second Installment (Due Upon Matching)$8,000
Third Installment (Due At Embryo Transfer) $5,000

Gestational Surrogate Screening Costs Reimbursement $3,750 
*Background Check (Gestational Surrogate and Husband/Partner)
*Blood Work For STI Check 
*Psychological Screening And Testing
*Medical Screening Of Surrogate (Vaginal Ultrasound, Physical, Pap Smear, Sonogram,Hysteroscopy, Or Any Additional Testing) 
Match Meeting With Mental Health Professional

* Agency Pays This Cost Up Front And Intended Parents Responsible For Reimbursement OnceMatched

Gestational Surrogate Compensation/Other Costs $40,200 - $40,450
Gestational Surrogate Base Compensation $35,000
IVF Transfer And Bedrest (Due After Completion Of Each Transfer Attempt)($250 Medical Cycle Start Fee and $750 Completed Embryo Transfer Fee)$1,000
Maternity Clothing Allowance $750 -$1000
Monthly Allowance In Lieu Of Itemized Costs (Includes: Mileage <80 Miles ForAppointments Other Than Transfer, Childcare, Parking, Postage, Vitamins, Etc. )(~15Months @ $200/Month) $3,000
Travel Costs For Embryo Transfer: 

Long Distance (>80 Miles RT): Includes Mileage And/OrAirfare If Needed, Hotel, Meals ($75 or $100 If Companion)ACTUAL COST
Companion Costs (If Accompanies Surrogate And AirfareNeeded) ACTUAL COST
Disability (TBD) And/Or Life Insurance ($250,000 Policy- Approximately$450/Year) $450


Mental Health Costs $250 - $3,000
Surrogate's Mental Health Support (If She Chooses To Utilize: 10 Visits During And AfterPregnancy, Up To $250/Session)UP TO $2,500
Intended Parents Pre-Transfer Mental Health Session$250
Intended Parents Post-Transfer Mental Health Session (Recommended, But NotRequired)$250

Legal Fees, Expenses and Parenting Rights Established $8,250 - $8,750+ 
Surrogate Attorney Fees (Review Of Contract)UP TO $1,000
Intended Parent Attorney Fees (Drafting Of Contract)$2,000
Intended Parent's Will Amendment Or Drafting (Varies Per Client Assets)  $500+
Surrogate's Will Amendment Or Drafting, And Power Of Attorney Drafted  UP TO $750
Establishment Of Parentage With The Court (Varies State to State) (Approximate Cost)$3,000
Escrowing Fee (To Disperse Money In Accordance With The Agreement)$1,500

  *Estimated Total Fees $70,450 - $73,950+

*Additional Costs to Consider

Multiples Pregnancy (This Is For Each Additional Child >1)$5,000
Experienced Surrogate $5,000
Cesarean Section Per Physician Recommendation $1,500
Amniocentesis, CVS, D&C, Cerclage (Amount Is Per Procedure) $500
Fetal Reduction Or Termination (Per Physician Recommendation Or Intended ParentRequest) $1000
Fee For A Mock Cycle (If Ordered By Physician)$250
Loss Of Organ(s)$1,000 Each
Loss Of Uterus$3,500
Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery$750
Additional Rematch Fee$5,000
Housekeeping (If Restricted Activity Ordered By Physician)TBD
Childcare (If Restricted Activity Ordered By Physician)TBD
Lost Wages (If Restricted Activity Ordered By Physician)TBD
Lost Wages for Surrogate Spouse/Companion
Breast Milk Pumping Reimbursement
Up to $1,750


**Maternity Insurance CoverageTBD
***IVF And Egg Donor Fees (Vary Per Fertility Clinic)(It Is Possible Insurance CouldCover These Costs)TBD

****There is a required $20,000 incidentals safety deposit required in the escrow account in addition to the above costs. Any amount of the $20,000 not used is returned to the intended parents upon the closing of the escrow account.  This is for the safety of the gestational carrier should she have any above listed incidentals, go on bedrest during the journey and require lost wages, housekeeping, childcare, etc., as well as to protect her in the event that the intended parents abandon her during the pregnancy and she is required to pay medical bills.  


*These values are our best estimate of the costs you will incur during your surrogacy journey.We do not guarantee that these numbers are definite since prices are subject to change and mightnot be within our control. It is also possible that you will have additional costs notconsidered in this fee worksheet, but we try to make this fee worksheet as inclusive as possibleto give you the best estimate of costs related to your situation.
**The surrogate mightalready have insurance, but it is possible she does not have any maternity coverage or may havea surrogacy exclusion. Intended parents will be required to purchase a supplemental insurancepolicy that is approved by The Stork's Nest. Additional back up plans are available when thereis uncertainty as to whether the surrogate's insurer will pay. The Stork's Nest willprovide you with an insurance referral to discuss your specific situation.
***IVF and eggdonor charges are not considered in this fee worksheet and will varywith each fertility clinic. We advise youto contact your fertility doctor and request pricing for surrogacy services. Should you not havea fertility doctor and/or you choose to pursue our preferred fertility physician's services, wecan give you estimated costs for their services. Under no circumstances will the gestationalsurrogate be responsible for any costs of the IVF procedure, or any other medicalprocedure.