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The Process

The Process

Process Overview

A gestational surrogate is a woman who carries a child that she is not genetically related to for another couple or individual through in vitro fertilization.

Intended parents contact us to assist them in finding a quality gestational surrogate for a number of reasons. Most likely it is due to the intended mothers’ inability to carry a child, they are a same-sex couple, or they are single. If the intended mother is unable to carry a pregnancy, she may still produce healthy eggs that are used. Other circumstances might require the assistance of an egg donor. Through in vitro fertilization, the gestational surrogate will attempt to carry a healthy pregnancy for the intended parents.

Gestational surrogates are oftentimes women that enjoy being pregnant, have known someone with infertility issues, or they feel a desire to assist others in achieving parenthood. Our gestational surrogates are compensated, and all legal, medical, mental health, travel/transportation, maternity clothes, or other costs related to the surrogacy arrangement are paid or reimbursed by the intended parents. Gestational surrogates may also qualify for lost wages, housekeeping, and childcare.

Our screening process is unique in that we thoroughly and fully screen all of our gestational surrogates prior to any meetings or matching with intended parents. This means that we conduct ALL of the psychological and medical testing prior to any meeting. Not only does this eliminate the risk of emotional turmoil for all parties if an emotional connection has been made, but it also eliminates costs that the intended parents could incur by testing a gestational surrogate that later is found to be unfit and the intended parents being required to pay for testing a new gestational surrogate again. We take on that risk so our intended parents do not have to. Our screening includes all psychological testing (including an MMPI and/or PAI and counseling session), medical testing (ultrasounds, blood testing, STI testing, sonograms, and any other necessary procedures), background checks on gestational surrogate and her partner/husband, and her obstetrical records are reviewed. Our intended parents are required to complete background checks, mental health testing, and counseling.

The most important aspect of a surrogacy agency is listening to and understanding the needs of the intended parents and gestational surrogates alike. The more information that is disclosed to us provides us an opportunity to better meet your needs, as well as the gestational surrogates needs. Matching identified needs and desires will allow for a solid foundation and relationship from the beginning of a match. The most effective way to match the intended parents with gestational surrogates is by aligning each individual’s medical, legal, and emotional needs to the maximum.

It is imperative to address any psychosocial, legal, and escrowing aspects of the gestational surrogacy process. We offer referrals to highly experienced mental health counselors, attorneys, and an escrow company that will be able to offer their services and help with the complexities of the process that vary from state to state.

Below is a list of our services that we offer at The Stork’s Nest:

  • Recruiting, coordination of screening needs, and matching gestational surrogates and intended parents;
  • Providing intended parents and gestational surrogates with program information;
  • Providing referrals to reputable and experienced professionals for any medical, legal, or mental health needs;
  • Attending embryo transfer, physician appointments, and/or birth if requested by all parties and is feasible;
  • Facilitating and coordinating any medical appointments for intended parents and gestational surrogates;
  • Facilitating and coordinating ongoing mental health appointments with an approved mental health provider. The mental health provider will conduct meetings with the intended parents, gestational surrogate and her partner/husband (if applicable), to discuss all aspects of the transfer, pregnancy, and delivery to ensure that all parties maintain and understand each others expectations;
  • Facilitating and coordinating a referral to legal counsel specializing in assisted reproductive technology;
  • Provide resources for any insurance needs;
  • Facilitating and coordinating any necessary travel arrangements;
  • Coordinating the set up of escrow account management services at an independent escrow management company;
  • Providing ongoing management of the relationship throughout the gestational surrogacy arrangement by encouraging regular communication with and between intended parents and gestational surrogates. This includes communicating with the fertility clinic, gestational surrogate, OB/GYN physician, legal professional, and mental health counselors regularly to ensure that all parties are informed and prepared for the transfer, pregnancy, and delivery to progress without any problems.
  • We are always available for any questions or concerns that should come up during the process.

If you are interested in finding out more information about becoming a gestational surrogate, you may visit our Requirements page, visit our Contact Us page and submit your information and questions, or email us at