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Gestational Surrogate Compensation

*Gestational Surrogacy Program

Gestational Surrogate Compensation/Other $40,200 - $40,450
Gestational Surrogate Base Compensation$35,000
IVF Transfer And Bed Rest (Due After Completion Of Each Transfer Attempt) ($250 Medication Start Fee, $750 Transfer Fee) $1,000
Maternity Clothing Allowance (For Single Child Pregnancy)(If Multiples, Add $250) $750
Monthly Allowance In Lieu Of Itemized Costs (~15 Months) Includes: Mileage (50 Miles From Appointments, Parking, Postage, Vitamins, Etc.)$3,000
Disability (TBD) And/Or Life Insurance ($250,000 Policy- Usually $450/Year)$450
Travel Costs For Transfer:

~Long Distance (>80 Miles RT): Mileage And/Or Airfare If Needed, Hotel, Meals ($75 Or $100 If Companion)Actual Costs
-Companion Costs (If Accompanies Surrogate And Airfare Needed)Actual Costs
Mental Health Up To $2,500
Ongoing Mental Health Support (If Carrier Utilizes: 10 Sessions During And After Pregnancy And Up To $250/Visit)Up to $2,500
Gestational Surrogate Related Legal Fees & Expenses Up To $1,750
Surrogate Attorney Fees (Review Of Contract)Up To $1,000
Surrogate's Will Amendment Or Drafting, And Power Of Attorney DraftedUp To $750

Estimated Total $44,450- $44,700+
Potential Additional Reimbursements
Multiples Pregnancy (This Is For Each Additional Child <1)$5,000
Experienced Surrogate$5,000
Cesarean Section Per Physician Recommendation$1,500
Amniocentesis, CVS, D&C, Cerclage (Amount Is Per Procedure)$500
Fetal Reduction Or Termination (Per Physician Recommendation Or Intended Parent Request)$1,000
Loss Of Organ(s)$1,000 Each
Loss Of Uterus$3,500
Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery$750
Housekeeping (If Restricted Activity Ordered By Physician)TBD
Childcare (If Restricted Activity Ordered By Physician)TBD
Lost Wages (If Restricted Activity Ordered By Physician)TBD
Husband/Partner's Lost Wages (To Accompany Surrogate At Certain Procedures)Up to $1,750
Breast Milk Pumping Reimbursement (If Requested And Agreed By All Parties)TBD
Additional Uncovered Travel Costs (If Any)TBD
**Maternity Insurance CoverageTBD
***IVF Fees/Medications (Vary Per Fertility Clinic)(It Is Possible Insurance Could Cover These Costs)TBD

*These values are our best estimate of the compensation you will receive during your surrogacy journey. We do not guarantee that these numbers are definite since prices are subject to change and might not be within our control. It is also possible that you will negotiate directly with your matched intended parents through the direct legal contracting phase.

**Gestational surrogate might already have insurance, but it is possible she does not have any maternity coverage. Intended parents will be required to purchase a supplemental insurance policy that is approved by The Stork's Nest. Additional back up plans are available when there is uncertainty as to whether the insurer will pay. In the event that your insurance does not cover the pregnancy, the compensation will reduce by $5,000 to offset the cost to the intended parents.

***IVF charges are not considered in this fee worksheet and will vary with each fertility clinic. Gestational Surrogate will not be required to pay for any medical procedures associated with the gestational surrogacy arrangement. Intended parents will be responsible for any medical costs.